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Qingdao Haohai Autoparts Co., Ltd locates in Qingdao city, Shandong Province, China. Qingdao  is situated in north of China and south of Shandong by-land. It’s a seashore city famous for its scenic. Qingdao is also the most important and international harbour city in China which connects Korea, Japan and Northeast Asia to be the foreign trade pivot.

Haohai is founded in 2009 to focus on research, manufacturing and sales of brake pads. For all the 12 years on development, Haohai always try to achieve the task and honor to promote Chinese national auto parts industry. The key processing equipment and mould  to produce brakes are all assembled and researched by ourselves. We use the totally new equal pressure technology and craft to press and mould products. Our products have the same equal density with stable performance, powerful braking force, long using period. Our special rivet holes are made of pressing mould work craft only one time with no need of processing secondly. The location and depth of holes catches rivets very accurately and stably.

Haohai is mainly focus on producing, research and sales of commercial drum-type brake, brake pads, brake shoes and other relatives. Our brakes products are sold to north America, Europe, Middle East, Dubai, Africa, Northeast Asia and other 30 countries. In China we provide appointed services for Faw Jiefang Automotive Company, Dongfeng Auto, Futian Auto, Daimler AG, Shanxi Auto, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, Haitong Axle, Hande Axle, Fangshen Axle, Qingte Group and other famous auto factories and axle companies.

Haohai has obtained below certification such as ISO9000、QS9000、VDA6.1、ISO/TS 16949 and FMVSS/121 ,DOT testing certification in North America.

Haohai will always follow Customer First, Quality First to be our enterprise spirit with the hope that aim high and down-to-earth. We will continuously develop domestic and overseas market to create better economic performance and social results in conscientious, responsible, careful and innovative work spirit. Let’s expect a better future depends on technology innovation and intelligent manufacturing.

Haohai is also an important strategic partner of China Xinyi Group, providing all-round production and processing support for Xinyi braking commercial vehicle and other braking project for recent ten years.

Xinyi Group is a famous enterprise in China and a national key high-tech enterprise. It provides services and products for more than 40 well-known automobile manufacturers and assembly plants in China, and its products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions.

Haohai and Xinyi brake share resources and make common development and progress in product formula, technology R&D, quality testing and control, market exploring and so on.



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